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Announcing new stand-alone applications for viewing permissions on NTFS and SharePoint. We really like our system administrator friends and think that their lives should be just a bit easier.

(And if you like the free stuff, you are going to love the products that we make money on!)

Product News 

10/1/12 New Product Contact Manager available for evaluation

9/1/11 GMP-E supports dynamic groups

2/1/11 Free Utility SharePoint Permissions Viewer available for download

12/1/10 Free Utility ACL Viewer available for download

3/1/10 Introducing Group Managment Portal Enterprise!

6/1/09 GMP supports calendar-based expiration of groups and their membership

5/1/09 SPM Available for Evaluation!

10/1/08 SPM now manages SQL Permissions

4/15/08 Granular authorization interfaces for LOB web applications added to SPM

11/15/07 SPM and GMP integrate to support self-service access request



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Securitay is committed to the development and support of high quality and feature rich applications that help you do your job better. We don't have fancy offices and high paid Marketing professionals. We don't outsource development or our support operations. If you have a problem with our software you'll likely end up talking to the guy or gal who works on the code. We hope you'll be amazed at how much you get for so little!

Group Management Portal and Group Management Portal Enterprise

GMP box

Some of the largest and most efficient companies in the world delegate e-mail distribution list and security group management to their regular users. By doing so, these companies:

  • Improve collaboration and communication
  • Reduce help desk calls by up to 20%
  • Improve the security of critical information
  • Improve audit accuracy and completeness

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Security Policy Manager

GMP box

Security Policy Manager is our innovative product that allows any size organization to efficiently and easily manage access control policies across a wide range of resources. Security Policy Manager (SPM) offers a completely different and more effective way to generate reports on permissions, troubleshoot access problems, and more efficiently set and manage permissions on different types of network resources. Security Policy Manager offers for the following types of network resources and applications:



  • Windows File Shares
  • SharePoint
  • SQL
  • LOB applications

Plus, SPM is easily extended to other applications and operating systems by your own development staff or our development partners.

Learn more about Security Policy Manager