Simplify External Collboration with Contract Manager

Contact Manager

Microsoft Exchange® contact objects are a powerful feature for external collaboration. Each contact object can be used across the Enterprise by any user to reliably communicate with business partners and customers. But contact management can be a significant challenge to manage centrally if each request to create a contact object has to go through an IT administration team or help desk. In most cases, there is simply no good reason for this to be the case. Contact Manager allows the end-user to create and manage contacts in Microsoft Exchange® for external people while at the same time making sure that such capability is still monitored and constrained by the IT team responsible for that portion of the enterprise infrastructure.

Contact Manager offers the following features:

  • Web interface to create and manage Exchange Contact Objects
  • Deploy with GMP to manage contacts and distribution lists seamlessly
  • Supports any size organization
  • Simple to use and understand
  • Comprehensive workflow capabilities including approval and notification

With Contact Manager your organization will realize the following benefits:

  • Reduced Administrative and Help Desk costs
  • Empowered and more productive employees

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