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KLIST utility with Purge, Ticket Request, and SPN Cache Reset

Klist.exe is a utility that comes with the Windows Resource Kit. The source code formerly was available on the Windows Platform SDK. This version of KLIST (derived from the Platform SDK sample) has additional functionality to purge and request tickets from the KDC as well as the ability to purge all tickets and clear the SPN cache maintained on the client. The ability to clear the SPN cache and request a ticket for a service all from one tool is invaluable for troubleshooting SPN issues.


WhoIs is a utility that displays all of the groups that a user would have in their token if they logged on to the computer where the utility is run. The utility makes use of the .NET WindowsIdentity class that wraps Kerberos S4U in order to create the logon token. In order to run the utility you must have the ASP.NET Framework 2.0 installed. The computer and user must be members of an Active Directory domain.


MyToken is another compiled utility from the Platform SDK. It displays the group SIDs and privileges from the current users logon token.